Adolescence is an exciting time filled with new experiences and opportunities. However, there are some habits that we develop during these years that set us up for a lifetime of good health. It’s important to consider longevity and protecting your health during young adulthood so that you don’t end up experiencing age-related health declines earlier than necessary. Here are some things to know about steps you should take when you’re young to protect your health later in life.

Aging Happens Throughout Life, Not Only in Old Age

Aging causes damage to our body throughout life, not just when we are older. These changes occur gradually and often without any awareness on our part. They include things such as wrinkles, gray hair, sagging skin, thinning hair, loss of muscle mass, and decreased bone density. Most of these problems are not visible until they are quite advanced, so they go unnoticed. While some of them may be unavoidable, others can be prevented through proper diet and exercise.

Importance of Healthy Eating and Exercise Throughout Your Life

A healthy lifestyle during young adulthood (diet and physical activity) is strongly associated with lower rates of cardiovascular diseases later in life. The opposite is also true; unhealthy habits during young adulthood are associated with higher cardiovascular disease risk profiles as you get older.

Eating a Healthy Diet for Life

A healthy diet is the most important thing you can do for longevity. A poor diet can lead to many problems, including obesity and type 2 diabetes. It also increases the likelihood of getting some diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

Benefits of Physical Activity for Longevity

There are many benefits of physical activity on your body and mind, regardless of your age. Exercising regularly has been shown to increase bone density, improve heart health, and decrease depression. It doesn’t have to be a hard workout or something you do at the gym – even walking regularly can slow down some signs of aging. 

The more you engage in physical activity, the greater your health benefits. In essence, exercise is one of the best ways to reduce your risk for disease and improve your overall quality of life.

Quality Sleep 

Your sleep quality matters throughout your life. The better your sleeping habits, the better your long-term health. If you don’t get enough quality, restful, uninterrupted, deep, rejuvenating slumber, you’re going to be tired, stressed, and sick for the rest of your life. And if you’re not sleeping well now, you won’t catch up later. So start creating a healthy, intentional, regular bedtime routine today.

Learn How To Age Better Today

We need to start thinking about our health from an earlier age. Taking care of ourselves by making good decisions regarding our lifestyle and eating habits, exercising regularly, and consulting with medical professionals who specialize in hormone issues can be helpful in guiding us to a healthier, stronger aging process. For more guidance, check out the Age Defying Video Program to learn what you can do to reduce the impacts of aging.

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