It is possible to lower your insulin and blood sugar levels naturally through diet. Insulin is a hormone that helps keep blood sugar levels in check. There should be a balance between insulin and blood sugar. Too little insulin will cause blood sugar levels that are too high, which can damage parts of the body, mainly the kidneys.

Too much insulin is linked to obesity, heart disease, and cancer. Insulin resistance is a common condition for many people today and is a result of consistently too much insulin in the body. High insulin makes the body resistant to the effects of the hormone, so your body produces even more in an attempt to stimulate an effect. This cycle is where people run into the most health problems. But there are ways to naturally reduce insulin levels, which can also help you maintain a healthy weight at any age.

Prevent Diabetes with a Low-Carb Diet

You can naturally reduce your risk of diabetes by following a low-carb diet. Many studies confirm these types of diets are not only effective for weight loss in helping lower insulin levels in the blood. These diets can also increase your sensitivity to insulin. This is because carbohydrates raise blood sugar more than proteins and fats. Long-term consumption of refined carbohydrates will put one in a state of insulin resistance. In order to lose weight and prevent diabetes, keep carb consumption under 20 grams per day. 

Fat and Protein Consumption

There are different schools of thought when it comes to fat and protein. Some experts swear by a high fat diet, which would involve 70% or more of your daily intake of calories coming from fat. Some people do great with this ratio and lose weight very rapidly, while others have to decrease their fat a bit lower to achieve the same results, especially during menopause. 

The same thing is true for protein. Some women do great with high protein, moderate fat, and low carb. Others do better with moderate protein, high fat, and low carbs. The common denominator is consuming low levels of carbohydrates. Play with your protein and fat intake until you find your sweet spot. This is the place where you feel great, full of energy, and you are losing weight or maintaining, if that’s your goal. 

Learn About Other Natural Strategies for Your Health

Nutrition is a big part of diabetes prevention and weight control. Many American diets tend to be extremely rich in carbohydrates. These refined carbs trigger spikes and drops in insulin levels and blood sugar that cause the body to store more fat. The body uses carbohydrates for energy, but once your glycogen storage is full you will start using fat as an energy source. Consume low levels of carbs and consume enough protein with healthy fats to reduce insulin spikes, so you can burn off your stored body fat.If you want other holistic strategies to protect your health, check out the Age Defying Video Program. This online course provides tools and guidance for preventing age-related diseases and protecting your health at the cellular level. It also covers topics like stress reduction, nutrition, and exercise to improve your overall health.

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