Deuterium Depleted Water in Cancer Prevention

Our bodies are exceptional at removing toxins and maintaining a chemical balance to improve our overall health. In some cases, we need to take steps to help that process along. In this case, the goal is to reduce and find a balance of deuterium in our bodies by drinking deuterium-depleted water instead of other types of water. 

What is Deuterium?

Deuterium is a version of water where the standard H20 picks up an extra neutron in its hydrogen atoms. It is heavier and more stable than regular water, which is why it is widely used in nuclear reactors to control radiation. That radiation has a harder time passing through deuterium, so it is used to keep things under control.

Why is Deuterium a Problem?

Deuterium is not radioactive and it is generally harmless. It occurs naturally at a rate of nearly 1 in 3,200 water molecules. It does become a problem when there is too much deuterium in your body, which can interfere with other bodily functions. 

To reduce your deuterium concentration and to keep it under control, you can drink deuterium-depleted water. It is water that has already had the deuterium removed, so you are not adding more to the problem. 

As people age, their bodies are less efficient at removing deuterium naturally. High levels of deuterium become toxic. Switching to deuterium-depleted water can reduce your exposure to it and reduce the overall amount in your body over time. 

The Solution: Ingest Less Deuterium

We can naturally reduce deuterium in the body through diet. In fact, a low-carb, whole-food diet results in lower deuterium levels in the body as opposed to a diet high in processed foods. 

Add Fat to Your Diet

Fat and meat from grass-fed animals is the most profound deuterium-depleted food source around. Adopting a diet high in fat like a natural paleo-ketogenic diet can help your body produce your own deuterium-depleted water inside your cells, hydrating your body from the inside out. 

This may be because food processing removes the naturally low-level deuterium plant components from the whole foods, leaving behind “heavier” molecules. In addition, industrial food preparation often involves periods of high-intensity heat resulting in the evaporation of much of the natural water, leaving behind a concentration of deuterium in the food.

Only Drink Deuterium-Depleted Water

Aside from sticking with a wholesome diet, many have found quicker success by using Deuterium Depleted Water (DDW), which is water that has either less or no deuterium content. 

While water that is completely free of deuterium is only found in the polar regions, water with lower amounts is more readily available. Reducing your deuterium consumption may improve the aging process. 

DDW typically comes from glaciers and other cold regions and is fairly affordable. Regular tap water normally contains 150 ppm or higher, which is another reason to avoid tap water. 

Learn About Other Holistic Strategies for Your Health

Deuterium isn’t the only thing that you are drinking that is aging your body quickly. To learn more about what you should do to age gracefully, check out the Age Defying Video Program. This online course provides tools and guidance for preventing age-related diseases and protecting your health at the cellular level. It also covers topics like stress reduction, nutrition, and exercise to improve your overall health.

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