The Aging Games: How To Come Out a Winner

This e-Book uncovers 100+ surprisingly simple strategies using a holistic approach to every aspect of your life.

An exclusive one-of-a-kind guide, this is the only place you will find such powerful information to help you look and feel your optimal best.

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What does it mean to age well?

As a woman over 40, you might be looking in the mirror and noticing the physical effects of aging showing up around your eyes or mouth.

You might also find yourself with lower energy, mood swings, memory issues, creaky joints, thinning hair, and not quite feeling like yourself.

For a large part of women’s history, we’ve been told to deal with aging in secret. The message has been that if you’re not young, you need to step aside.

Did you know the ages of the characters on the Golden Girls were the same ages as the characters on the recent Sex and the City reboot? Gone are the years of hiding in the shadows as we age.

I’m sharing a comprehensive guide to managing the effects of aging so you can live a longer and healthier life as your very best self.

The Aging Games is a comprehensive guide to managing the effects of aging, written by a team of experts in the field for women over 40.

Inside this exclusive, one-of-a-kind eBook, you can finally take control of not only how you age, but the narrative around this experience as well.

Woman shedding a tear
Older lady looking sad

Aging is a natural and beautiful part of life.

Unfortunately, this time often comes with a deep sense of insecurity and uncertainty for aging women. We’re simply not prepared for the onslaught of changes our lives are about to experience.

Waking up with unexpected hot flashes and severe anxiety while you’re struggling to accept your new aging body can be…challenging.

Aging can be such a powerful experience. It doesn’t define our role in society. But we also haven’t been taught a framework for how to positively think about aging.

Keeping conversations about aging in the shadows devalues the experiences we share as women. Sadly, women still don’t talk about the real mental and physical effects of age or share true, proven methods to deal with things like:

The right skincare for mature skin
Controlling body fat
The optimal diet over 40
Mental wellness
Work frustrations
Enjoyment of life

The Aging Games e-book is a game-changer because it teaches you how to deal with the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of aging that will allow you to live your best life.

Your first step to becoming that vibrant, game-changing 40+ woman, not just on the surface, but deep down – is the Aging Games eBook. This book will change your life.

This is your time to shine!
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“I would recommend this book to everyone who wants to look and feel at their optimal best, at any stage in their life. It is worth more than gold to me – I can say that it has changed my life. You will not regret purchasing this gem!”
- Krissy P. Sydney, Australia
Lynn Hardy - The Aging Games
Written Exclusively by Lynn Hardy, ND, CNC

Hi, I’m Lynn, a Certified Nutritional Consultant (CNC) and Naturopathic Doctor (ND) with a passionate desire to help women look great and feel even better.

As a woman over 50, I remember the first time I looked in the mirror and saw the fine lines of age. I also vividly recall what it felt like to go through strange lows in energy and a feeling that I was slowly becoming invisible to my loved one. My 40s were a time in my life when I honestly wondered if I needed expensive plastic surgeries or other treatments just to keep up with the fierce woman I knew I was.

Luckily, I have spent nearly 3 decades in the natural health and beauty industries. With a passion in life for helping people just like you and me, those who might feel stuck and are looking for the “magical secrets” to feeling their best, instead of paying a small fortune to cover up my signs of aging, I got to work researching.

The results?

I found that when it comes to anti-aging everyone’s mind automatically jumps to Botox, plastic surgery, or expensive cosmetics. But true anti-aging will not only turn the time back on your face but your whole body. It heals internally which ultimately leads to a longer life and beauty that naturally shines. Sound unfamiliar? Well, the beauty industry pushes the quick fixes and expensive upkeeps that keep the outside looking better temporarily. Not beautiful over a long period of time. 

After understanding this, I wrote a book that anyone can read and become a winner after reading. Packed full of incredible information to help you look vibrant and feel SEXY, this 256-page digital guide lays out 100+ of my favorite, natural, highly effective anti-aging tips and tricks that are proven to work. Just ask my husband!

I’ve covered a wide variety of health and beauty topics that range from skincare, weight loss, improved sleep, beauty treatments, nutrition, and much more.

Interested in trying for yourself?


Unpacking the Stuff the Beauty Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know

Did you know that a lot of beauty products are full of chemicals that actually dry out your skin and make signs of aging worse? No, that is not a joke.

Truth is, many products are full of things that are intended to get you to use more of the formula and in return buy more. Today’s beauty standards do not adhere to the core fundamentals of true healing or anti-aging.

That is why my mission is to bring you back to the core fundamentals and principles of good health by following common sense which is not always common knowledge.

In fact, my method is often the exact opposite of mainstream dogma or commercial interests. Just as your body has its own self-healing mechanism, it also comes with its own anti-aging mechanism.

Want to learn more secrets the beauty industry doesn’t want you to know?

What Are the Body's Natural Anti-Aging Mechanisms?

Without diving too deep into the science, on a top level, you must understand that skin aging is a complex biological process influenced by a number of endogenous or intrinsic factors. These factors include genetics, cell metabolism, hormones, metabolic processes as well as light exposure, pollution, toxins, and more. And, because of this, ultimate beauty can be directly linked to the body’s natural process of finding balance or fighting illness.

With this knowledge, I have collected information on and found ways to support the body’s natural anti-aging mechanisms.

As I mentioned above, my book is all about helping you find true healing that leads to feeling and looking younger. I can assure you that as long as you take action – and stay persistent – you will see remarkable anti-aging transformations. When you think about the way to age gracefully, it really is a game in life. But it’s also a game where you can actually be in much more control – a lot more than you realize.

A Sneak Peek at What You’ll Discover inside This Incredible eBook

  • How to naturally (and easily) “reset” your own biological clock from the inside out. This will slow the aging process and allow you to look and feel years younger!
  • Find out the most powerful and effective anti-aging exercises for dropping those unwanted pounds of fat, while preserving essential muscle (Hint: it’s not as complicated as you think)!
  • Discover why you shouldn’t fear dreaded cholesterol and how it can actually help you live a much longer and healthier life!
  • Do you really know what causes arterial build-up in your veins and causes lack of blood flow? It’s not what you think. I’ll tell you the real culprit and what you can do about it!
  • Why you should ditch your favorite pair of sunglasses and do this instead to naturally improve your eyesight and sleep better. You’ll wish you did this years ago once you SEE the real difference in your health and vision!
  • Find out how you can easily increase your lifespan by over 10% or more with just a few simple adjustments to your own lifestyle! A little of this goes a very long way!
  • I’ll show you exactly why you don’t need 8 glasses of water per day, why coffee is actually making you sick and fat, and why breathing LESS is better for optimal health!
  • Discover why you should never eat past sundown, how vegetable oils are secretly destroying your health, and the real secrets why fasting can help you melt off pesky fat (and also help you live longer)!
  • Ever heard of the ‘Vagus Nerve’? Find out why stimulating this critical nerve can have a vital impact on your own physical health and personal vitality!
  • Find out the critical importance of fascia and aging, a secret trick to increasing collagen levels by 400%, and how red light can actually help you age backwards!
  • Did you know that many of your favorite cosmetics are loaded with toxic ingredients that can age you and even lead to disease? It’s true. I’ll show you how to spot these scary ingredients instantly!
  • What if you could actually grow longer, thicker and even healthier hair and lashes as you move further into the aging process – and do it all in a very simple and inexpensive way? I’ll show you how to do it all! (Hint: Your thyroid may be involved as well)
  • Are you fed up with embarrassing age spots that seem to pop up more frequently as you move past your 40’s and beyond? Try this simple ‘hack’ and remove them for good!
  • Find out why snacking is a bad idea, why vegetables don’t want to be eaten, and the real reason why you need to eliminate excess linoleic acid from your diet ASAP!
  • You’re going to discover ALL the powerful and effective anti-aging tips, tricks and hacks mentioned above plus so much more in this information packed 256-page digital guide!
This is your time to shine!
For a Limited Time get a Special Introductory Price and 3 Bonuses!

A Common Sense Approach to Quickly & Naturally Slowing Down the Dreaded Aging Process

The Aging Games Digital Guide offers you some of the most simple, powerful, and common sense approaches you can easily implement to turn back the effects of aging.

Not only are all of the tips, secrets, and anti-aging ‘hacks’ in this guide easy and safe for you to use, but most can be done in the comfort of your own home &ndash, and they won’t break your bank account either.

I believe that in order to have the greatest success in your own anti-aging efforts, you must take a completely ‘holistic’ approach to mind/body/soul health – from your head to toes.

This means getting back to the basics of both health and beauty – some of which are not always based on common knowledge or what big beauty companies are trying get you to believe.

"I bought this digital download today. I’ve a nursing and holistic background and am fairly well-read. I also believe I’m quite knowledgeable about anti-aging health complementary therapies etc so I was expecting to be fairly underwhelmed. Wow. This is the first book I’ve read in years that’s taught me anything new and genuinely worthwhile and I’m only a few chapters in. This book really is worth the money, I totally recommend it."
- Lorraine Allen, Basingstoke, UK

Turn Back the Clock On the Aging Process For a LOT Less Time & Money!

When you consider how much money you most likely spend on various over-the-counter skin care products and even medical procedures related to anti-aging every single year, it probably adds up well into the hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

And on top of the money you spend, there’s the hassles of having to actually venture out and purchase these products or to go to appointments.

To put it more simply, trying to defeat the aging process can take up a LOT of time and the personal investment of your hard-earned money.

The good news is, thanks to The Aging Games Digital Guide, you’ll get over 100+ anti-aging tips, tricks and secrets that you can start implementing from home that’ll take up WAY less of your time and money to get started.

Now instead of spending up to $1000+ a year on various anti-aging creams, skin serums or various medical procedures, you can get started with my “how to” guide right away. And it won’t cost you $1000, $500, $200 or even $100 to get started. The original price for this Program is fairly priced at $49.95. But for a limited time only I’m going to offer instant access to the entire online digital guide and also in PDF format for the lowest price I’ve ever offered it.

When you place your secure order below, you’ll be able to get your own downloadable copy for less than what you’d pay for your favorite lipstick or mascara.


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Natural Skin Care Report – Nothing ages your skin faster than toxic chemicals found in most skin care products. The good news is that there are cheap, natural and completely safe alternatives. Some are probably in your cupboard right now. With the help of this report, you will learn how to stop the aging of your skin in the most natural way possible.

Easy Home Workouts e-book – Strong bones, muscles and a good posture become even more important as we age. Regular exercise is the only way to protect these vital assets. Working out at home is a quick and cost-effective way to stay fit, strong and at a healthy weight. In this book you will learn about all the different ways to stay in shape in the comfort of your home, in a fun, quick and effective way.

Bulletproof Diet e-book – To help anyone lose weight quickly and keep it off permanently. As we age, due to hormonal fluctuations and other issues, losing weight can become a real struggle. Numerous studies and millions of happy women around the world can attest to the fact that the Keto Diet is the most effective way to lose and maintain weight.

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Testimonials from our happy customers

Dr. Terezia Fauszt
“Over 100 life changing tips that every woman needs to learn and implement.”
Abigail Linhardt
“The explanations of the health practices are user-friendly. Hardy breaks down the process for those of us without PhDs, convincing us through beautiful self-care rituals to honor our bodies and how to feel the best we can be!”
Kim Donner
“If you’re over 40 and you want to age gracefully, then this no-nonsense guide is just what the doctor ordered.”
Anna Zahra
“The ultimate guide for women who want to feel and look young despite their age. I’m 65 and got so much out of this book.”
Brenda Singh
“The best and most comprehensive anti-aging tips in one book.”
Rosario Busch
“The younger you can start using the tips in this book the longer you’ll be able to preserve your youth and health. I highly recommend it to women of any age.”
Erika Szarka
“I’ve been working in the beauty industry for a long time. And even after all of my years of experience, I found every single page of Lynn’s book absolutely fascinating.”
Rita Molnar-Fabriczius
“I own a beauty salon and I’m always looking for new ways to not only stay young myself, but to also help my clients. Lynn’s Anti-Aging book has truly opened my eyes to so many new insights and ideas that I can’t wait to start implementing into my own life.”
Shona Paget
“Living healthy and taking care of myself is very important to me and I’m always looking for ways to improve my health and to slow down the aging process. This book came at the perfect time. I’ve learned so much and it’s really inspiring me to make some positive changes.”
Magdolna Milani
“This was a great read a very powerful guide with everything you want to know about the aging process and how to slow it down. Great beauty tips in addition to the health and nutrition advice, which I really appreciated.”
Beata Borsi
“For me this is so much more than just a book. This is the ultimate Anti-Aging bible that every woman needs to read. Packed full of essential information not just to stop the aging process but to keep you healthy, fit and at an ideal weight. As a Kinesiologist I really enjoyed the mind/body/soul approach of the author.”
Marta Meszaros
“The Aging Games guide was an interesting read from the first page. It is easy for anyone to understand yet it contains so much information that you will not find anywhere else. Every woman needs to read this!”
Zita Bretka
“Getting older is something no woman wants to face. We spend so much of our time looking for ways to turn back the clock. I was so excited to come across this anti-aging book. It answered so many questions and brought to light so many tips that I look forward to using in my own life.“
Hilke Krug
“The Aging Games book really captured my attention as it’s difficult to find something that addresses the true solutions for slowing down the aging process. Expensive procedures and surgery are not the only way to stay young. If you eat healthy, take care of yourself and if you’re happy on the inside, you will truly glow on the outside. I loved the common sense approach of this guide. I highly recommend it.”
Manuel Lastre Abreu
“Please don’t dismiss this guide as a girly book. Most of the tips and hacks are very useful for men who also want to age gracefully. So many tips for helping you lose weight, prevent certain health conditions and to remain healthy well into old age.”
Lori Frary
“I’ve been following The Aging Games channel on YouTube so I was very excited about this book coming out. So much useful information for us aging but still hip boomers! I love how it doesn’t just focus on the beauty aspect of aging but on maintaining optimal health and well-being as the most important goal.”
Kaye Falconer
“I’ve been encouraging Lynn for many years to write this book. There are so many food gurus, vitamin gurus, light gurus or anti-aging gurus but not one has brought all of these ideas together…. until now. The Aging Games covers every single facet of staying young and healthy well into old age. If you care about your health and want to age with grace and beauty, then start reading this book today!”
Britta Becker-Thomas
“I’m an acupuncturist and a Buteyko practitioner and I take my health very seriously. Aging is a complex issue that needs to be addressed with multifaceted methods. The Aging Games is a revolutionary book that covers all the important things when it comes to health, aging and beauty.”
Inge Beaujean
“I’m a Therapist and Energy Healer and deal with a lot of women who are of menopausal age or older. I’ve noticed that self-confidence and life satisfaction can start to decline with age, which has a direct effect on relationships. I was very interested in reading The Aging Games book as I was hoping it would not only help me personally but also help me help my clients in dealing with the whole aging process and the issues that come along with it. The tips in this book are practical and easy to follow. It not only addresses the different aspects of aging but also provides natural solutions that anyone can implement.”
Emma Sabin
“What a great read! So nice to see such a comprehensive and professional understanding of what is really needed for women to thrive with such TRUTHS! We are fed so many lies and uncovering what is best for us is hard when alone so it’s great to see it all in one place. Thank you for taking the time to compile this.”
Alexandra Valenti
“I’ve read only few chapters of your book, and I’ve fallen in love with it. Your advice many of your tricks I’ve been using for a while, many of them I’ve known but never applied…because…too many things in my mind, and I come last. So never have time and energy to do for me. But I needed the reminder.”
Anna Mendivil
“I love that you talk about some of “my magic tools”, that most people don’t know about. For example the liver flush, earthing, remineralization powder for the teeth, face exercises, Chaga, yoni egg, to not using any sunglasses or sunscreen and that it´s not the sun itself that is dangerous but actually a lack of vitamin d and eating the wrong food with a lot of shitty fats. For me it has never made any sense that something that is so essential for our survival as the sun, is dangerous for us. I have always believed the opposite. For me, my journey started many years ago with the books by Andreas Moritz and it has been many health related reads since that. Now you got me super interested in the science and theory behind sleeping with the upper body higher than the lower body. That was a totally new subject to me. Your writing also is inspiring me to FINALLY plan to do a liver flush again. It has been a while now, because It´s not the most romantic thing and not the first thing you want to do, when you re living with a new partner and have thin toilet doors. I actually think as you suggest in the book, that a sluggish liver can be the cause of my brown spots. It makes sense because I haven´t done it for two years now. Before I made it 2-3 times a year, and I have done it since I was 25 or so. And the spots have appeared during the last two years. So…. will give it a try!”
Krissy P.
“The Aging Games has been a game changer for me. I have known about nutrition due to one of my members being a doctor, but the advice in this book surpassed everything I had known prior. I touched on some anti-ageing topics in the past, but this book, is by far, an in-depth, easy to read and provides the reader with incredibly healthy tips. The author, Lynn Hardy, is upfront and very experienced in the field. Lynn believes in getting back to your roots and nature. You will find advice from how to keep yourself healthy and also your environment, which ranges from diet, exercise, supplements, a holistic approach to every aspect of your life, and even advice on salon treatments (I know I had a lot of questions about which treatment is best, and this addressed all my concerns). The minute I started reading it, I could not put it down! I have learnt so much already, more than I had in an entire lifetime. I would recommend this book to everyone who wants to look and feel at their optimal best, at any stage in their life. It is worth more than gold to me – I can say that it has changed my life. You will not regret purchasing this gem!”
Laura Vera
“This is one of those books that I just couldn’t put down. Page after page revealed a new nugget, something unique and brilliant that I’ve never heard of before. I totally agree with the author that we don’t have to accept old age willingly and that we can do so much to turn back the clock. I love the natural, no-nonsense logical approaches in the book. It’s so easy to read. I feel like I’m sitting down and chatting with my girlfriend. This is a great book for anyone and everyone to start reading and the younger the better.”
Dana A.
Texas, USA
“Loving the Aging Games book! So many phenomenol, helpful tips. Thank you for sharing your awesome knowledge with the world!”
Angela Geoghegan
“Fantastic book by far best bio hacking and anti-aging book I’ve read!!”
Patricia Kasza
“The Aging Games is a MUST READ for anyone looking to make any type of lasting change in their life. I found it to be extremely helpful. It felt like Lynn Hardy was taking me on a journey of self discovery. Her personal and professional tips were inspiring and helped me feel better than I have in years! With the guidance of "The Aging Games", I was able to gain personal insights and make the much needed adjustments in my life.”
Nancy S.
“This book has totally inspired me to get off my duff and make some changes. The way you present information has really helped get through my brain barrier. So calm and confident. I have been a long time "student" of health information but implementation has been inconsistent. Positive role models are few, so thank you for doing the work you are doing. It is making a difference and isn't that what we all want? Keep going Lovely!!”
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The Aging Games Program + 3 Free Bonuses Right Now For Only $29.95
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All orders are DIGITAL, which means you’ll be able to enjoy your books immediately. NO shipping costs and NO waiting.

Feel and look younger in 30 days or your money back!

I’m so confident that you will see amazing results as soon as you start implementing the changes in this book that I’m offering a full money back guarantee. If after 30 days you’re not happy for whatever reason, we will give you a full refund and let you keep the book. You have nothing to lose but the fear of aging.