Silk bedding has been promoted since the times of Cleopatra for getting a night of true beauty sleep. While it seems that this luxury can comfort and soothe you, there are some real, physical reasons to use silk, especially as a tool for anti-aging. Here is what you should know about silk bedding as a way to prevent wrinkles.

Silk is Smoother

Cotton and linen materials, often used for pillowcases and other bedding, can tug and pull on your skin as you move around through the night. But silk is more forgiving and allows your face to glide over the smooth surface. So, even if you are practicing sleeping on your back, silk will help for those times when you unconsciously roll around through the night.

Silk is Great for Your Hair

Silk has benefits for your hair, as well. Silk can help prevent hair breakage and result in less frizzy hair. At the same time, some hair professionals claim that silk allows professional blowouts to last longer.

Silk Over Cotton and Linen

Anecdotal evidence seems to be the main reason why silk pillowcases and other bedding are so popular. Many people feel when they use a silk pillowcase, they wake up with their hair and face both appearing more refreshed. This may be because cotton and linen can draw moisture out of hair and skin, leaving dryness and irritation. 

At the same time, slathering your face with a moisturizing cream can cause it to remain on your cotton or linen bedding. It can also lead to clogged pores from dryness. Both clogged pores and dryness are problems with aging skin.

Benefits of Silk Pillowcases

There are many benefits of using silk pillowcases and bedding for your health, including:

  • Less friction on skin or hair. This prevents irritation or damage.
  • A cleaner sleep surface. With silk, there are fewer crevices for skin particles, dust, and dirt to accumulate. This means that you sleep on a cleaner surface. 
  • Less drying for skin and hair. Cotton and linen dry out your skin and hair, which leads to premature aging.

Learn More Anti-aging Tips Today

Protect or improve your skin and hair by using a silk pillowcase. The concept is so popular that you can literally perform an internet search with the term “antiaging silk pillowcase” and find thousands of hits online. With benefits such as preventing crow’s feet, lessening forehead wrinkles, and eliminating hair frizz and tangling, it’s surprising that the cost remains low for most brands. Of course, if you want full body antiaging protection, look for an entire silk bedding set. As the body ages, you may start to notice that your skin and hair look less lustrous and youthful. While there is no fountain of youth, there are other natural choices that you can make to reduce the effects of aging. For example, consider silk bedding as a way to get more out of your beauty sleep. Check out this video for my favorite silk pillowcase.

For other ideas, check out the Age Defying Video Program to learn what you can do to prevent the signs of aging and protect your health.

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